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Changing for the better - moving our statements online

One of the key missions of our project to improve our digital services is to make sure that the information we provide to our members, customers and affiliate societies is as clear and simple to use as possible. For our members in particular, we knew we needed to revamp the distribution statements they receive, and make them available online.

What’s new?

From early next year, our members will be able to access and interact with their statements online via our member homepage, and will have the ability to explore the content in-depth and make comparisons to previous statements. They will be able to look at specific works and the money they are earning from them, as well as having access to an analytics section which will allow members to compare and identify any trends appearing in their statements.

Why are we making these changes?

We are working closely with our members to identify what they need from us, and the ability to view and analyse their statements online is something they are keen to have. One of our aims as a company is to be as transparent as possible, and the level of detail within the new online statements will provide our members with a host of new information regarding their royalties and works that they wouldn’t have been able to easily access beforehand.

How are we collaborating with our members?

To bring this project to life we are working with our members to learn what we need to do to help them make the most out of their membership. Our teams are constantly working hard to make sure we are providing members with something that is useful to them, therefore, during this project, we are running focus groups throughout to get their feedback as we progress.

The collaboration with our members doesn’t stop there. A group of them will also be heavily involved in the testing of our online statements, which allows us to make sure the statements are ready to be used by our entire membership.

Bringing everything together

It’s important for us to make sure every project we complete as part of our digital journey fits together seamlessly. The revamp of our digital services started early this year with our new online reporting tool, which was the start of a new look and feel for us. We have since announced a host of other updates (including the launch of our new website) and our online statements will follow their lead.

The project is only a part of what we have planned for our digital services in the future. Keep an eye on this blog for more updates on what we have in store.

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