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We were invited with PPL to mentor entrepreneurs that are investigating the potential use of Blockchain in the world of Digital Rights Management (DRM). The six week project was held as part of Ernst & Young's 'EY Startup Challenge', aimed at bringing together new technology developers and industry to discuss specific business needs and potential solutions. We explored the complicated issue of DRM with two companies, JAAK and BitFury, guidin ... read more

Blockchain has been the hot topic in music circles over the past 12 months, driven in part by a specific focus placed on its potential by talks at Midem, and the ‘Rethink Music’ report that came out last year. We would welcome any comments you have below. However, now that the dust is starting to settle after the initial explosion of hype, we wanted to create an opportunity for proper, reasoned, debate between the early adopters and advocators o ... read more