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We are listening...

As we start out on the journey to improve our digital services, one of our key objectives is complete transparency around what we are doing and how we are doing it. This blog is one way in which we are sharing progress in transforming our online experience with our members, customers and the wider industry. We are sure to face challenges as we move through this process, but we will make sure that we continue to listen to our members and do our utmost to give them what they need. Our new agile way of working means we gain feedback, reassess and adapt our plans to ensure we deliver the best possible user experience.

What we are doing...

We’re focusing all the changes we make around the needs of our users, which means asking our members to help in a way we’ve never done before. As well as learning from the experience of Board members and publisher groups, all the products we develop will be thoroughly tested with the people who will be using them the most. This means we will talk to a wide selection of our members from young writers doing open mic sessions, through to major publishers and management companies.

We started the process last year with an in depth series of 14 focus groups. We explored what PRS is doing well, what we could do better and what people want from our website. In February we continued our research and ran a programme called the Field Studio, which focused on the digital needs of members in their own musical environments.

The work hasn’t stopped there, we’ve also set up pop up surveys on our website. This provides consistent feedback and gives us a rating for 10 different areas of the site, which we will monitor as we roll out improvements. We read all comments and feed this into our decision making, as well as displaying them on screens in our offices, making sure that we are 100% focused on putting our members at the heart of everything we do.

Member feedback screen

What next?...

The first product we will be introducing is a new way to report live performances. At the beginning of the project we ran an online study with singer/songwriters to understand how and when they report their set lists to us and how we could improve the process. By the time the project is live, we will have run three sets of user tests at different stages of its development. By listening to our users we were able to build a simpler and faster experience.

As we move on to new areas, we’ll take the same approach; gathering insight, running surveys or interviews to inform, and then take our prototypes out to users for their feedback. Keep checking back here for more information and the latest updates.

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